1PCS Metal VIB Spoon Lures 1.5g 2.5g 3.5g 5g Artificial Bait with Feather Hook Night Fishing Tackle for Bass Pike Perch


Go kalles this summer with this vintage navy and white striped v-neck t-shirt from the Nike. Perfect for pairing with denim and white kicks for a stylish kalles vibe.

Color: 1.5g with hook-C

1.5g with hook-C
1.5g with hook-A
1.5g with hook-B
2.5g with hook-C
2.5g with hook-A
2.5g with hook-B
3.5g with hook-C
3.5g with hook-A
3.5g with hook-B
5g with hook-C
5g with hook-A
5g with hook-B
7.5g with hook-C
7.5g with hook-A
7.5g with hook-B
10g with hook-C
10g with hook-A
10g with hook-B
15g with hook-C
15g with hook-A
15g with hook-B
20g with hook-C
20g with hook-A
20g with hook-B
1.5g withouthook-C
1.5g withouthook-A
1.5g withouthook-B
2.5g withouthook-C
2.5g withouthook-A
2.5g withouthook-B
3.5g withouthook-C
3.5g withouthook-A
3.5g withouthook-B
5g withouthook-C
5g withouthook-A
5g withouthook-B
7.5g withouthook-C
7.5g withouthook-A
7.5g withouthook-B
10g withouthook-C
10g withouthook-A
10g withouthook-B
15g withouthook-C
15g withouthook-A
15g withouthook-B
20g withouthook-C
20g withouthook-A
20g withouthook-B
SKU: SM0693-C-015
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Type: Colorful Metal Lure Bait
 1.5g,2.5g,3.5g,5g,7.5g 10g 15g 20g
  22mm,25mm,29mm,32mm, 38mm 42mm 49mm 56mm
Packing :1PCS*Fishing Lure



Additional Information

1.5g with hook-C, 1.5g with hook-A, 1.5g with hook-B, 2.5g with hook-C, 2.5g with hook-A, 2.5g with hook-B, 3.5g with hook-C, 3.5g with hook-A, 3.5g with hook-B, 5g with hook-C, 5g with hook-A, 5g with hook-B, 7.5g with hook-C, 7.5g with hook-A, 7.5g with hook-B, 10g with hook-C, 10g with hook-A, 10g with hook-B, 15g with hook-C, 15g with hook-A, 15g with hook-B, 20g with hook-C, 20g with hook-A, 20g with hook-B, 1.5g withouthook-C, 1.5g withouthook-A, 1.5g withouthook-B, 2.5g withouthook-C, 2.5g withouthook-A, 2.5g withouthook-B, 3.5g withouthook-C, 3.5g withouthook-A, 3.5g withouthook-B, 5g withouthook-C, 5g withouthook-A, 5g withouthook-B, 7.5g withouthook-C, 7.5g withouthook-A, 7.5g withouthook-B, 10g withouthook-C, 10g withouthook-A, 10g withouthook-B, 15g withouthook-C, 15g withouthook-A, 15g withouthook-B, 20g withouthook-C, 20g withouthook-A, 20g withouthook-B